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Connecting Duostar X14 To A Computer

Play the Duostar X14 on your computer, using a video capture card with RCA connection.

In order to connect your Duostar X14 to a computer you will need a video capture card with RCA connection. Third party software and hardware is at the use of your own risk. Please make sure that your computer has the minimum requirements for using any programs or video capture device for optimal perfomance.

You will need:

  1. EasyCap Video Capture Card | Ebay | Amazon
    You can use any video capture card, just be sure to check if the compatibilty with your computer and operating system.
  2. AmaRecTV Software: Download Zip | Save to "My Documents"
    AMV Codec: Download Zip | Save to "My Documents"
    Software Details
  3. USB Extention cable (optional)

*Please note that we are not the manufactuers of the EasyCap Video Capture card nor the developers of AmaRecTV and AMV Codec. We do not offer support for the installation or setup for the EasyCap, AMV Codec or AmaRecTV software. We only have used the EasyCap as an example of how to use our products with a computer.

Installing EasyCap

  1. Connect the EasyCap to your computer and let the operating system find the USB driver and install it.
  2. Install the program from the CD provided with the EasyCap.

Installing AmaRecTV and AMV Codec

  1. Unzip the AmaRecTV software file "" into the "amarectv210b_en" folder.
  2. Open the "amarectv210b_en" folder and run "live_setup115b_en.exe" then follow the setup wizard instructions.
  3. Unzip "" into the "amv300i_en".
  4. After that is finised installing open the "amv300i_en" folder and run the "setup.exe" file.
  5. Now connect your Solotar or Duostar RCA cables to the EasyCap, connect the AC Adapter, and then turn on the system power. See images below for setup instructions. (The USB exention cable from the EasyCap to your computer is optional)

Duostar X14 Setup:


*2a - Extension cable is optional but recommended. It gives length between the computer and EasyCap

Setting Up the Duostar and Solostar with the AmaRecTV and EasyCap

  1. Next go back to the "amarectv210b_en" folder and open "AmaRecTV.exe"
  2. When the AmaRecTV program is open right click in the program window and select "Config"
  3. Click on the "Graph 1 (Device)" tab and use these settings

    Video Capture Device: OEM Device
    Input: Composite
    Format: W=720, H=480, fps=90 fcc=YUYz.bit=16
    (there may be information already in Format just change the fps to a number where your video isn't lagging)

    Audio Capture Device:
    OEM Device
    Input: None
    Format *Sample = 48000, bit =16, ch=2
  4. Click on the "Graph 2 (Preview)" and use the following:

    Aspect Ratio "Select Accoring to your monitor size or preference". We have used 16:10 for our1680 x 1050 screen resolution.
    Scan Mode: Underscan
    Deinterracing: Auto Select
    Function: HW Deinterlacing by VGA
    Cropping: T=3, B=4, L=4, R=5
    Display Rotation: Disable
    Scan Line Doubler: Auto
  5. Click ok and you should be able to see the system playing in the window.
  6. For fullscreen double click in the window. Please note when the screen size is bigger the quality in picture starts to become blurry. The EasyCap captures video sizes up to 720 X 480.